Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tipsy times, and second meeting...

Pig Dog feels a little odd, for sure, but Mr Dimond Geezer seems to be acting very strange after a couple of drinks. Thinking about it, Pig Dog does have a large amount of body fat to weight ratio to soak up the new drink, where as Mr Dimond Geezer is paper thin!

Even so Pig Dog takes a toilet break to collect his head, but as he enters the gents he is dropped face to face with DANGER!!!!

OMG! What the heck!!!

There is a short moment in time where there is a definite stand-off, Pig Dog fears for his eyes!

But then Tin Bird speaks, and says "are you a buddy of Mr Dimond Geezer?" Thinking on his feet Pig Dog beems a massive smile and says "oh yes!"

Wow, close one, things seem to be ok, for now...

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