Saturday, 21 July 2012

Interesting friends for sure...

With his little fuzzy head and the meeting of Tin Bird, Pig Dog reckons he should go back to the bar. He gets sorted in the gents, opens the cubicle door and WAMM-BAMM, he is face to face with DEAD THING!

Now Pig Dog has certainly met a few strange folk already today, and said nothing, but Dead Thing was getting pretty close to plain weird (one can sense a little uncertainty in Pig Dogs face)!!! Before he had to think what to say or how to break the ice, Dead Thing blurted out "I'M FROM FRANCE."

Well thats good enough for me thought Pig Dog, must be a pretty normal chap then! With a happy feeling once again they headed back to the bar where the four very select new friends tucked into some ale!!!

Happy times...

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