Monday, 30 July 2012

Possible financial stability...

Pig Dog can't believe his eyes, how can this be, gold! So he gets out of his car to take a closer look!

Man, that is the real deal for sure, he may be an animal from the forest, but he knows gold when he see's it! And he ain't no fool!!!

But what to do? In this new world things are very different, but he knows he has to pay his way, and find a place to live.

Mr Dimond Geezer did mention the Three Wise Penguins, they were always willing to give advise, especially when it came to gold, frankincence or myrrh!

So Pig Dog popped the gold in the car and went to see them.

Pig Dogs first impression was that they went very well with his car! That made him very happy.

What they said though made perfect sense, they explained that in the new world he had to pay for things and would need to fund his new life. Either he found a job, or sold the gold! He was still homeless.

They told him about Bling Cat, who loved gold and all things bling, and would certainly pay a good price.

So with a big smile Pig Dog set off to find the king of bling...

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